Echoes from Stone (2003)

Echoes from Stone


Petr Pepino Valášek  - Bass Clarinet

Vojta Nýdl - Clarinet
Luděk Boura - Clarinet
Jindřich Pavliš - Clarinet

Sleeve note

The studio CD album Echoes from Stone incepted in 2003 has become the cornerstone for the Clarinet Factory progression. Stirring the music genres, experiments with electronic music and multi-layer clarinet fusions lead in a set of eleven original compositions published first by Jiná vlna to be taken over and sponsored by the renowned Black Point Music label. The album reflects also broader inspirations including the tour of the quartet to Senegal, collaboration with Czech chanson singer Radka Fišarová as well as a contribution of Lukáš Hájek (DJ Jingle Bell) assisting as the sound engineer and electronic devices advisor.


A year before the recording, most of the compositions sounded first at the second run of a unique live music happening Echoes from Stone traditionally arranged by the ensemble in the flooded stone quarry in Nečín, Czech Republic. The album developed also in several concert versions with computer projections by Jindra Trapl (V-Jaying) presented regularly. Followed by a new album Out of Home another live concert program appears including the most acclaimed compositions from the “Echoes” too.



  • 2003 - Jiná vlna
  • 2005 - Blackpoint Music

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