Echoes of Colors (2012)

Echoes of Colors - Booklet

Clarinet Factory

Petr Pepino Valášek  - Bass Clarinet

Vojta Nýdl - Clarinet
Luděk Boura - Clarinet
Jindřich Pavliš - Clarinet


Permanent Guest

Alan Vitouš - Percussion

Sleeve note

The Clarinet Factory and Alan Vitous recorded an album (on four live-session nights) for the first exhibition of Modigiliani in Prague.

The music has been inspired the by paintings, drawings and most prominently by the life of this Italian genius as well as by his contemporaries - namely painter Frantisek Kupka.

The album was created through collective improvisation and carries a trace of an unrepeatable moment and the unusual sound of a cellar theatre drama studio of Ctibor Turba.

In the same way that Modigiliani's portraits try to penetrate into the subconsciousness, so does the music on "Echoes of Colors"by showing what is "behind the picture" and ultimately revealing the human soul.


  1. Good Meditation
  2. Absinth
  3. Blue Space
  4. Jeanne
  5. Clock
  6. Reminiscence of a Cathedral
  7. Around a Point
  8. Dreaming in the Garden
  9. Hangover
  10. Birdsong
  11. Rue Seveste
  12. Oil on Canvas

MP3 Samples

Released, Publishing

Publishing: Aura-Pont s.r.o.

Released: 2012

Total Time: 58:43

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