Eternal Seekers (2008)

Eternal Seekers - Booklet


Eternal Seekers

Lenka Dusilová - Singing, Quitar

Beáta Hlavenková - Singing, Piano

Petr Pepino Valášek  - Bass Clarinet

Vojta Nýdl - Clarinet, Singing
Luděk Boura - Clarinet

Jindřich Pavliš - Clarinet



Tomáš Liška - Contrabass / double-bass

David Landštof - Drums

Alan Vitouš - Percussion

Sleeve note

Lenka Dusilova with piano and clarinets: Pure beauty needs no vivisection


A meeting of three music Worlds ambassadors - singer Lenka Dusilova, jazz pianist Beata Hlavenkova and Clarinet Factory quartet - making up the Eternal Seakers music project is bringing one of the grandest events of the Czech autumn music season. Eternal Seekers unite a novel chamber sound of an unorthodox clarinet quartet, supreme jazz pianist & composer impact with a straight yet very winsome vocal stream of one of our best pop and rock singer. All blends within a multi-level compositions ascending on unique lyrics by Silesian poet Bogdan Trojak (holder of the Orten Prize and Magnesia Litera), the key poet for most of all the songs.


Author: Ondřej Bezr


Released, Publishing

Publishing: Respekt Publishing, a.s. (Respekt Edition)

Released: 2008

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