Meadows (2017)

Clarinet Factory – Meadows


Clarinet Factory is a band that absolutely defies categorization. My initial impression upon receiving their latest CD, Meadows, was that this was going to be a chamber-jazz project that occasionally riffed on folk themes. I could not have been more wrong.


Originally calling themselves the Czech Clarinet Quartet, Clarinet Factory's mission remains the crossing of borders. The group features four clarinet players – Jindřich Pavliš, Luděk Boura, and Vojtěch Nýdl, plus Petr Pepíno Valášek on bass clarinet. Nýdl also provides lead vocals on many of the album's songs. All the members of Clarinet Factory have a classical background, and this is more than evident in Meadows' frequent nods to the minimalist genre.


from review by Lee Blackstone, RootsWorld magazine (New Haven, US)


1. Gore 4:40
2. Bolek i Lolek 4:32
3. Hikari 4:03
4. Luda's Dance 6:02
5. Una Mattina 5:13
6. Jordan 4:17
7. Bílý sníh 4:07
8. Lúky zelené 4:34
9. Caravan 3:18
10. Dark Park 9:43



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Clarinet Factory:

Petr Pepino Valášek  - bass clarinet
Vojta Nýdl - clarinet, lead vocal
Luděk Boura - clarinet
Jindřich Pavliš - clarinet, contrabass clarinet
Grunik - vocals
Joe Acheson - electronics, field recordings
Daniel Šoltis - drums
Anna Ficelová - koncovka flute
Jan P.Muchow - artistic supervisor
Recorded at Sono, mix and masterring - Sono Records
Publisher: 2017
Czech distribution: SUPRAPHON a.s.



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