Members of the ensemble

Jindřich Pavliš

Plays the clarinet for the Prague  Phillharmonia. He writes and adapts musical pieces for the Clarinet Factory and creates the dramaturgy for the ensemble. He started his artistic life at the Music School in Pardubice and continued at AMU in Prague (as a pupil of professor Štěpán Koutník) and then at Parisian Conservatoire National Supérieur. At present he lecturers at the Pilsen Conservatory.

Luděk Boura

Member of the State Opera in Prague. He plays the clarinet and basset horn for the Clarinet Factory He graduated at the Music School in Pardubice and AMU in Prague (a pupil of Professor Vlastimil Mareš) and did a stint Utrecht Holland.

Vojtěch Nýdl

A member of the Prague  Philharmonia   and Afflatus Quintet, he is also the first clarinet player for the symphonic Orchestra of the Czech Radio. In the Clarinet Factory he applies not only his eminent instrumental skills but he also sings (he performed for example in the musical Hair). After completing his studies in Pardubice and after graduating from AMU in Prague (he was a pupil of professor Štěpán Koutník) he attended a master's degree course in Vevey (Switzerland) and completed a stint at the Conservatoire National Supérieur in Paris. In 1990 he was awarded the first prize in an international broadcast competition, the Concertino Praga .

Petr Valášek

A bass-clarinet and tenor-saxophone player with the Orchestra of Karel Vlach. Works mainly with jazz performers, for which he is predetermined due to his extraordinary improvisational and multi-instrumental skills. Similarly as his colleagues, he studied at the Conservatory School in Pardubice, a pupil of Ludvík Posekaný and then AMU (pupil of Petr Čáp). In the Clarinet Factory he primarily plays the bass-clarinet.

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