Out of Home (2010)


Clarinet Factory

Petr Pepino Valášek  - Bass Clarinet

Vojta Nýdl - Clarinet
Luděk Boura - Clarinet
Jindřich Pavliš - Clarinet


Pernament Guest

Alan Vitouš - Percussion


Lenka Dusilová (singing)

Epoque Quartet

Sleeve note

There are musicians and ensembles whose musical style it is never possible to define; something always sticks out from every pigeon-hole in which you would like to place them. Devise and define for them a new pigeon-hole, a special one, tailor-made... and in a year or so you will find out that they no longer fit into that one either. Why? Perhaps because they are “on the road”, with eyes and ears wide open; they do not seek certainty, they make do with seeking itself. They play a lot – and they toy a lot. If, however, you need a pigeon-hole, then let Clarinet Factory be a pigeon-hole in itself (or, rather, a melting pot in an alchemist’s hands) and let us have a look at what has (to date) fallen into it. Classical, jazz, ambient, minimal, ethno, some folk and pop songs, improvisation... And myriad encounters that have brought powerful inspiration: with Jana Koubková (“Boys, try to put the notes aside and we’ll think something up...”), with African music face-to-face on the journey across Senegal, at a concert with Bobby McFerrin, with fellow traveller Alan Vitouš, with Lenka Dusilová and Beata Hlavenková in the crossover project Eternal Seekers, etc. What then to do with them – where is home...? Clarinet Factory have found theirs – they are at home in a free musical space, where there are no pigeon-holes, where they explore and seek, on the road... Out of Home.


Author: Matouš Vlčinský


Released, Publishing

Publishing: Supraphon

Released: 2010

Catalog No: SU 4023-2

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